Tree ProgramThe Two Rivers Ford Foundation is proud to have developed “A Tree A Week in Tennessee.” This program provides 52 trees per year to individuals or groups at no cost through our grant process. All trees must be planted and maintained by the individual or groups that participate. Trees will be 12 to 18 inches in height.  All trees will be provided by Mossy Oak Nativ nurseries.

This program provides trees that create and enhance wildlife habitat. All trees provided will have wildlife value such as food or shelter. Oak trees and other fruit trees are great for the habitat. Also, flowering trees that maintain the songbird population will be offered.

Mossy OakThis tree program will vastly improve the food source for our wildlife, as well as enhance our overall natural resources. We are proud to offer this at no cost. “Leave it better than you found it.” That is our overall mission.

Please click on the tree if interested in this program.